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1. Jort is a common Dutch name, and it has its origins in the Germanic languages. It means ‘strong as a boar’. In the Germanic ages, around 6th BC, the boar was the symbol of power, courage, and fertility;

2. Jort = me;

3. Through my travels, I have found out that my name is impossible to pronounce by any other people except the Dutch;

4. The pronunciation in English is similar Yort;

5. Yort leads to Yoghurt

6. After visiting Brazil plenty of times, and continuously spending the first fifteen minutes talking about my name, and explaining it intensely, people still don’t getting it. That is when I started to introduce myself as Jortinho;

7. In countries where they speak Spanish, I had the same problem as #6, but I became Jorge. OR Cacheton;

8. My name and age are of no actual importance;

9. “Call me any name you like,

10. I will never deny it.”

A synopsis

I was born in the Netherlands, and worked a dozen years in HR for an IT company. I have travelled to 66 countries, and I have picked up some languages along the way. I lost my soul in South America, and I won a green card through the diversity lottery. I am now capturing the beauty of the United States, and beyond…

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After my year of travelling in 2014, I decided my photos weren’t telling the story entirely, and thus I wrote a manuscript about my day to day experiences. It tells my story of 366 days on the road, visiting eleven different countries in South- and Central-America. It tells how I get sucked into nature and wildlife, how I enjoy the freedom of the open road, how I conquer fears, how I learn from cultures, how I meet hundreds of wonderful people, and how I frustratingly chase the elusive jaguar for my ultimate photo moment.

Even though I wrote the book solely for myself, during the process of writing I got words from friends and family they would be interested in a copy and therefore it is available through different distribution channels of Amazon.

Europe: (cheaper than for shipping to Netherlands)

USA/South America:

Beware of shipping costs and delivery time if it’s ordered through one of the websites, depending on your own location.

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first exhibition

From February 10th 2018 until March 17th 2018 I have my first exhibition which displays photos from wildlife in the United States, mostly taken in and around Yellowstone National Park. The exhibition is on display in the second largest department store in the Netherlands: Warenhuis Vanderveen in Assen.

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